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 Joy Nebo Lavrencik

** New Class! **

Working from the Gut

Sculpting with Joy Nebo Lavrencik


Collage and Fiber Arts: TRUST YOUR GUT

with Joy Lavrencik

Curious about this semi-transparent, paper looking sculpting material?  Experience the medium with Joy.. as she guides you during this 3 hour workshop sampling the different ways to layer, incorporate other fibers and papers, preserve it and capture it in your work. You will get hands on experience working "from the gut" (organic sausage casings is what we're talking about)  Make flat pieces that may be incorporated as a collage material....or take advantage of it's sculptural potential.  May be stitched or glued to incorporate into your collage and fiber art.

Date: June 23, 2013
Meets: Sunday, 11am to 2pm
Fee: $65

Sunday, June 23rd



Instructor:  Joy Lavrencik

Textile and Collage Artists...Come explore some thermal fabric/paper  manipulation techniques (painting, slashing, burning, melting) to create richly textured design components. Have fun with a torches, candles and heat guns...doing things to fabrics you wouldn't normally think appropriate.  Joy will guide you in the making of a collection of interesting componants that may be stitched, beaded, glued and assembled into collage and fiber art items (think hat making, too!) This class is appropriate for beginner to seasoned fiber/collage student. Some materials will be supplied - suggestion list for additional sample material  provided upon registration.

Date: June 23, 2013
Meets: Sunday, 3pm to 6pm
Fee: $65


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